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What are the minimums? How does it work?

There is no minimum! You can order from 1 piece. 

I damaged my uniform. How can I get it fixed?

To get your damaged item fixed, please contact us for the estimate first then download the repair slip to fill out. Ship your damaged item to the address below with the repair slip. 


PSI Custom Sportswear
Att: Damage repair

#5 Laredo St. Rancho Estate III, Concepcion II
Marikina, Metro Manila 1811

What is Dye Sublimation?

All PSI's custom apparels are done by dye-sublimation process. Dye-sublimation is using specially formulated inks printed onto the transfer paper. The printed transfer paper will go into the heat transfer machine with the fabric at approximate 210 Celcius degree. The heat will turn the ink into a gas and form a permanent bond with the Polyester fabrics. The result is a full-color, photographic-quality image that will not crack, peel or wash away from the substrate.

What is the turnaround time for my order?

The turnaround time varies on several factors: quantity, styles, complicity of art work and time of the year. We generally can delivery our order less than 5 weeks; however, it might go up to 8 weeks during the peak season. Please consult our Custom Apparel Specialist to inquire the current turnaround time.

Is there an art fee?

If you submit your art work either digitally or by drawing on our template, there will be no art fee. If you need help to create a design from the beginning, we will arrange you to work with our artist and there will be fee charged to you (starting Php 3000). For logo vectorization (covert low resolution to usable format for printing) rate will be Php 1000 or USD 25 per hour. 

Do I have to pay everything up front?

No, 50% of deposit is all we need to engage your art work and go into the production.

I have a certain date that I am trying to meet. Can I reserve the date by paying ahead of the time?

Our turnaround time is 5 to 8 weeks after we receive the art approval signature, the quotation confirmation signature and 50% deposit from you. If you need your items sooner, please contact us to find out the details about rushing your order.

I need help with the design. Do you offer design service?

If you already have a designer done the design, we can help sharpen it up and lay it onto our official art approval sheet. If you need to create the design from scratch, we will be more than happy to assign you to a designer to work on your art. Both of these service requires a 50% deposit based on your rough estimate of total quantity.

What if I need to add more styles or quantities to my order after I sign off my art and quotation?

Unfortunately, once the customer has signed/ approved the art and quotation, we will not allow any more changes since your order will be placed in the queue with our production. If you must have the change made to your order, you will be pushed back on your delivery date.

What is your policy for reorder?

There is no minimum on reorder.

When you want to purchase the same items as your previous order and if it's qualified as REORDER, your price will be same as the previous order or less if the new quantity hits the next price bracket. 

An order would qualify as a reorder when the design, style, and sponsor logos has no changes from the previous order. Any changes in type of garment, colors, text, logos, art, etc. are considered as a new order, not a reorder.

How do I make a payment?

We accept both T/T to our bank or Paypal payment. Please contact us for the info.